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Personal data

Visible name: Ronnie
Ctry: United States of America
State/Province: Mo.
Year of birth: 1942
Age: 76
Occupation: Retired
Hobbies: Reading, shooting, computers
My Website:

Data at initial diagnosis

Date: 06.01.2009
Age at diagnosis: 66
PSA: 4.34
Biopsied? Yes
Gleason Score: 3 + 3 = 6
Remark: Biopsy on 07-10-2009

Maximum measured prostate volume

Volume in ml or cm³:

Postoperative pathological data

Date: 08.06.2010
Gleason Score: 3 + 4 = 7a
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Prostate cancer treatments

** PSA level at the start of the treatment
from to PSA** Type Clinic City
08.04.09 08.04.09 4.34 DaVinci Columbia Regional Hospital columbia, MO


NEM = Nutritional supplement
from to Medication Quantity / unit of time
01.01.01 09.10.12 Lipitor 1/D
01.01.01 09.10.12 NEM 1/D
01.01.10 09.10.12 Baby aspirn 1/D
Quantity per D / M / Y etc.

PSA-History    ng/ml    logarithmic

PSA-History    ng/ml    linear

PSA doubling times in years

Doubling time is greater than previous period.
Doubling time is smaller than previous period.
* Calculated backwards for 1, 2, 4 and 8 periods.

Limit = 3 years

Calculation of doubling times in days

Doubling time in years:
Doubling time in days:
Date PSA 1* 2* 4* 8*
05.11.00 0.90
09.10.01 1.00 6.09
04.01.02 0.70 -- --
02.02.03 1.00 2.10
05.11.04 1.40 3.62 2.84 6.28
03.08.05 1.50 7.46 4.28 6.53
03.11.07 1.80 8.56 8.26 4.28
01.08.08 2.02 4.48 6.98 5.42
06.01.09 4.34 0.39 0.93 2.56 3.60
11.05.09 0.00
08.03.10 0.00
02.05.10 0.00
05.12.10 0.00
05.01.11 0.00
01.07.11 0.00
Date PSA 1* 2* 4* 8*

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Personal stories

11.09.2009 0.00 11.05.09
I received the results of a annual physical from June 1, 2009 and my PSA was 4.34 up from 2.02 the year before. My doctor recommended I see an Urologist and on July 10, 2009 a Biopsy was performed by the Urologist. The lab results confirmed my fears, I had cancer in my prostate. My Gleason Score was 3+3 giving me a 6. My Urologist recommended Surgery using the Da Vinci Robot. I asked to talk to a Radiologist and he set up an appointment the next week.

Then I started searching (desperately) for information on prostate cancer and the treatments. Before this I knew nothing about this and needed a very fast education. I did not find this site until weeks after surgery, would have loved to have found this first as there is lots of helpful stuff here. My Radiologist recommended I have surgery based on my age and condition. So after much soul searching (done very quickly) I decided on the surgery using the Da Vinci Robot.

I went in for surgery on August 3, 2009. Surgery lasted about four hours with no complications. I was released the next day around noon, about the only thing I had to get used to was the catheter being attached to me. Not the most fun thing but I got used to it.

Looking back I know I was lucky to have a urologist who was very good at using the Da Vinci Robot, wish there was better ways to find this stuff out than trial and error.

On August 10, 2009 I returned to have the catheter removed and that was a relief, would not be tied down to the bag. I had some incontinence (expected) and had to wear a pad. Otherwise things went very well.

A week later I met with my Urologist and found my post operative biopsy raised the Gleason Score to 7, making my choice of having surgery the correct choice.

November 19, 2009. I had my three month check-up and had blood work for my PSA, I was waiting for this more than I thought and was very happy with the results, <0.1 - undetectable.

I still have some incontinence issues, they call it stress incontinence where I only have some leakage if I cough or move the wrong was, only use one pad a day now so I guess that is not to bad.

ED issues are there, just does not happen. I am going to try the Pump and see how that works.

This has been more of a struggle emotionally than I thought it would be but getting the great lab results and both the Urologist and the factory rep for the pump gives me hope that the ED things will improve in a year or so.

I know I have put a lot of stuff all at one time but waited to wait until I had the Lab work back. Will keep posted as I find out more.

01.01.2010 0.00 11.05.09
Well, I went in for my 15 Month check-up, PSA is still undetectable, that is of course great news. I find I am not as concerned now about the results as I was in the begining, it is still there but not as bad waiting for the test results on my PSA.

I have very little incontinence now, only a little bit when I move certain ways and I can live with that. My ED issues are still improving, I can get an erection of about 75% now and my doctor believes it will continue getting better. That part has become a lot more important that I thought it would. I think most doctors down play this in how bad it will be maybe so we will have the surgery. [See the results of two polls on this site - "What Were You Told?" and "Did You Get What You Wanted?"] I know it is better than dying of cancer but I also know it has become more important than I thought. To anyone considering surgery, I think doing this is the right thing to do, you just need to understand what is going to happen.

That said, I have to say again, if you are going to have surgery, the Da Vinci is the way to go, just make sure your doctor has lots of experience doing this and he has lots of good results. There are to many surgeries that are not done well, so find a very good doctor who uses the Da Vinci and you will do much better.

Well, I have made this longer than I intended, I hope I have made this positive because my surgery surely has been that. Will update with my next test in four months.

Ronnie Miller.

09.01.2010 0.00 11.05.09
I have had my one year checkup, PSA is 0.00. That is great news as I am told when you make it to the one year mark all should be well.

About the only thing I still deal with is the ED issues, the Doctor still says it will come back, another year or so. It seems they always say one year, must be something taught in Med school. To be honest there is improvement, I am seeing improvements in erections to maybe one half of what is was, that is better than nothing I know and it is improvement. Time will tell on that, I know the most important thing is I am cancer free at this time and that is what I have to dwell on. As long as one is living he can make other things work.

Will update in three months after my next doctors' appointment.


02.10.2010 0.00 02.05.10
Just completed my six month check-up. My PSA was 0.00, great news and seems to confirm the success of my surgery.

I have very little incontinence issues now but still wear a pad most of the time, believe it is a security blanket.

The ED issues are still there however I am seeing some improvement. I am using the pump and Cialis and at least things look good inside the pump tube.

As I look at others experiences I know I was blessed to find a good surgeon who was skilled with the Da Vinci robot, I just have not had any other problems or side effects other than the usual incontinence and ED.

I will update with my next PSA in three months.

06.10.2010 0.00 02.05.10
Well, it has been nine months since Surgery.

First my nine month PSA is 0.00. That is great news as always. I am having very little incontinence issues and that is also good news. For those two things I am doing very well.

I still have ED issues and that seems to be coming along very slow. I am seeing some progress and my urologist says all will be well in a year or so. Time will tell. I am seeing some improvements with erections, small but that is better than nothing. I am using the pump as a exercise and that seems to work well, at least things work inside the tube and that is good at least for my mind.

All in all I am doing very well following this surgery. I cannot express enough the importance of getting a good surgeon who has performed this surgery many times. Well, I will update at the one year mark.

Thanks, Ronnie

September 2010

05.01.2011 0.00 05.01.11
This is my 19 month check-up:

PSA results are still 0.00 and that is always good news.

I still have some incontinence and believe this will be a way of life from now on.

My ED issues are getting better now and with 100 mg Viagra things are begining to work. not perfect, not great, but working.

Next PSA in four months, will update then.

Thanks Ronnie.

09.04.2013 0.00 01.07.11
Just recieved my PS test and it is undetectable again, great news. It has been two years and two months, hard to believe it has been this long. My Urologist is confident the test will continue to be like this.

Also my incontinence improving every month, not really and issue now except when urinating, need to be careful after I am finished, otherwise it seems to be gone.

ED stuff is still around but there is continuing progress, Urologist says these things take time, he is right about that, still progress is better than things not working at all.

Urologist wants me comming in every six months now, so things are better in his eyes also.

will keep this updated as I have more information.

Thanks, Ronnie