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Personal data - diagnosis

Personal data

Visible name: helmut.a.g.
Ctry: Deutschland
State/Province: Baden Würtemberg
Year of birth: 1952
Age: 67
Occupation: Freiberuflicher Industrieanlagenplaner
Hobbies: Sport, Salsa, Kino, Theater, Kultur schlechthin.
My Website:

Data at initial diagnosis

Date: 24.03.2010
Age at diagnosis: 58
PSA: 3.47
Biopsied? Yes
Gleason Score: 3 + 3 = 6
TNM-Stages: c/pT1
Remark: mikroglanduläres Adenokarzinom Tumorload < 10%; G2, ICDO-M-8140/3; C61; DNA-ICM: Grad I (peridiploid) Proliferationsrate < 5% (Prof. A. Böcking; Düren)

Maximum measured prostate volume

Date: 10.08.2015
PSA: 8.20
Volume in ml or cm³: 36

Postoperative pathological data

Gleason Score:
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Prostate cancer treatments

** PSA level at the start of the treatment
from to PSA** Type Clinic City
01.09.06 8.20 Active Surveillance
01.04.10 01.07.10 3.47 other alternative medicine
15.12.10 21.12.10 0.00 Hyperthermia Hypertermiezentrum Hannover, Dr. med. Wolf
01.03.13 6.99 other treatments Klinik St. Georg, Dr. med. Douwes Bad Aibling
05.08.13 6.38 other treatments


NEM = Nutritional supplement
from to Medication Quantity / unit of time
01.03.10 30.08.10 Oel-Eiweiskost (OEK) nach Dr. J. Budwig
Quantity per D / M / Y etc.