Forums Forum von BPS und KISP Common Forum of Bundesverbandes Prostatakrebs Selbsthilfe e.V. (BPS) und 
der Kontakt-, Informations- und Selbsthilfestelle Prostatakrebs (KISP)
  Schweizer Krebsliga Forum of the Swiss Cancer League Switzerland
  Krebsforum Österreich Forum of the Austrian Cancer League Austria
  YANA You Are Not Alone - Prostate Cancer Support Site Australia
Informations Global Prostate Cancer Alliance Aims to diminish the global burden of prostate cancer by enhancing local, national, and international advocacy, and awareness building capacities and access to affordable and appropriate care International
  KISP Contact, information & self help point for prostate cancer. Extensive informations and abbreviation-table about prostate cancer.
  PSI-DHB Everything about about the "triple hormone blockade"  (DHB) Germany
Miscellaneous Prostate-Calculator
Calculator forecasts the statistical probability of:
- spread of the cancer
- lymph node involvement
- PSA recurrence after initial treatment
  Prediction Tools
Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Prediction tools for various cancer types and stages USA
Please inform us about interesting websites concerning prostate cancer in your country!

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