PrintAdditional information about data protection

Necessary data at registration

The following data is mandatory:
  • e-mail-address
  • password
  • visible name (synonym name)
  • date of birth
  • country
  • language (german or english)

The date of birth is needed to calculate and display the age in the graphics etc. The date of birth itself is not visible.

Volontary data entry by the user 
The purpose of is the writing and publishing of the patient's own medical history. By entering data in the fields marked in blue, the user agrees that his data and reports are stored and published.

These are, among others.:

  • personal data (hobby, occupation)
  • data at first diagnosis, prostate volume, postoperative pathological data etc.
  • PSA and others laboratory values
  • treatments and medicines
  • reviews
  • reports and experiences

The user himself determines which data he wants to enter and publish. 

Data collected and stored by the web host
As with every connection to a web server, the server of our webhosting provider cyon in Basel (Switzerland) logs and stores certain technical data. These data include the IP address and operating system of the website visitor's device, the data, the access time, the type of browser and the browser request, including the origin of the request (referrer). This is necessary for technical reasons to make our website available to you. cyon protects this data with technical and organizational measures against unauthorized access and does not pass it on to third parties. As far as we process personal data, we do so because of our interest in providing you the best possible user experience and ensuring the security and stability of our systems.

Blocking and deleting the entered data 
Upon request, the user can request the blocking or complete deletion of his data. 

When blocking, the data are no longer visible for third parties. However, the user himself can continue to collect his data and medical history for his own use.

When deleting, all data is completely removed from the server. They can not be restored!

Data protection 
MyProstate is a private website. To be independent, this website is self-financed by the operator (see imprint) and deliberately no ads are published. The stored data - in whatever form - will not be given to third parties!