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24.07.2024 7.86 23.07.24
PSA as suspected! :-)
21.03.2024 8.74 21.03.24
The PSA level has reached a new high. However, I'm not overly worried yet. The doubling times still exceed 3 years. Nevertheless, I will now revert to semi-annual measurements again.
20.04.2023 7.77 18.04.23
I completely forgot to have my PSA level checked at the beginning of the year. With the measured value, I can live well and focus on other things.
16.03.2022 6.77 17.01.22
At the annual general check-up at the family doctor, I had a Covid-19 antibody test carried out again.

I am very surprised that the value is still >2500 BAU/ml. And this 3 months after booster vaccination with Moderna!
20.01.2022 6.77 17.01.22
I am very happy with my new PSA-value!

I have also had measured my SARV-Cov2-Antibodies:
02MAR21: negativ, 45 days before 1. vaccination
05NOV21: 427 BAU/ml 6 months after 2. vaccination
17JAN22: >2500 BAU/ml 1 month after 1. booster!
03.03.2021 7.73 02.03.21
The biannual PSA test was forgotten for the last time !! The PSA value has risen only moderately within the last 12 months, even though the blood was taken by mistake about 10 minutes after the prostate was palpated by the doctor! The new value is very easy to live with!
25.02.2020 7.35 25.02.20
As expected, the PSA has increased, but is not a cause for concern! The doubling time is still acceptable.
11.07.2019 6.24 11.07.19
02.11.2018 6.49 02.11.18
PSA-value nearly unchanged! Nothing to worry about!

I still daily supplement Grana Prostan, Vitamin D, Prostagutt F and dried tomatoes!
02.03.2018 6.26 28.02.18
Nothing to worry about!
10.08.2017 6.45 07.08.17
Happily the PSA-value decreased in the last three months. Still Watchful Waiting with Grana Prostan, Vitamin D, Prostagutt F and dried tomatoes!
05.05.2017 7.50 04.05.17
I hope that the new PSA-value is situated at the upper variation range!
06.12.2016 6.70 06.12.16
I am happy with my new PSA-value.

I still take daily my dietary supplements as are: vitamin D, GranaProstan, dried tomatos and Prostagutt F.
07.05.2016 7.02 04.05.16
My highest PSA-level ever! But I am not yet scared. I suppose this value is in the normal range of deviation!
20.11.2015 6.02 20.11.15
Everything seems to be ok, at least with my prostate! But I still suffer under my digestiv problems and my polyneuropathy with aches and burnings in the legs and feet.
05.05.2015 5.66 04.05.15
This time the blood sample was again taken at 8 clock in the morning. I'm very satisfied with this new PSA-value. The prostate volume measured by the GP is approximately 50 ml.
04.10.2014 6.52 03.10.14
My family doctor had to take for some other healthy problems a blood sample. Without my knowledge he had also determined the PSA-value. Normally the PSA-value should be determined always at the same time of the day. Ideally early in the morning to exclude external influences. This time the blood sample was taken at 4 pm instead of 8 am as usually. Is the increase of the PSA-value and the sharp decrease of the doubling time due to this? Furthermore, the doctor has also changed to another lab for the previous determination of the PSA level without letting me know.
05.05.2014 5.82 05.05.14
I can live with this new PSA-value of 5.82 as the medium and long-term doubling times are well over 3 years.

4 weeks ago I prescribed myself a vitamin D cure. Until yesterday I took 15'000 IU per day. The now measured value of 205 nmol/l (divided by 2.5 = 82 ng/nl) corresponds to my target value. I will now take 25'000 IU per week as a maintenance therapy. I hope that this will increase my general well-being.
14.11.2013 4.91 14.11.13
Since I had fewer problems with urinating lately, the PSA level declined moderately as expected. In the last few weeks I had strong leg problems (disc and polyneuropathy). So I took regularly Ibuprofen and incense to appease the pain and symptoms. This may have led to a deeper PSA-level too.
29.07.2013 5.26 02.05.13
Today is a happy day for me! After a long time of preparation we went online with the new layout of In addition to a completely new look this new layout includes among other things a better representation of the various graphics. is now grown up!
02.05.2013 5.26 02.05.13
My gut feeling did not deceive me: The PSA level is more or less stable. I am of course delighted with the new value.
For years now I take 2 capsules GranoProstan in the morning and several dried tomatoes *** because of their high lycopene content.

*** For those living in Switzerland:
Sundried tomatoes Anna Best from Migros. There are two species: one with a little garlic and one with basil. Both taste very good and I eat them often with my aperitif before lunch or dinner.
06.11.2012 5.05 06.11.12
That the PSA value has fallen so far, is of course a positive surprise. Also the DRE showed nothing negative except an enlarged prostate which was well known.
05.06.2012 5.48 04.06.12
After taking antibiotics for 3 weeks, the PSA value has been reduced to 5.48. I have not yet talked to the urologist. However, with this value I can cope for the time being, although I would have liked a value around 5.0. That is because the PSA doubling time is still slightly below the threshold of 3 years based on the 27/10/2011.

During the cure with antibiotics, the micturition problems have lessened. Would be nice if it would stay that way!
10.05.2012 6.51 23.04.12
Visit to the urologist. An unchanged prostate volume of 60 ml was measured with ultrasound.

The DRE and the massage of the prostate by the longest finger of Northwestern Switzerland (!!) were unsuspicious for prostate cancer.

The subsequent examination of the urine showed an increased number of white blood cells, which suggests a slight inflammation of the prostate.

Next steps: 3 weeks of antibiotics and new determination of thePSA value. If the value would then be decreased again, the world would be back in order.

Part of my micturition problems could be due to my back problems (herniated disc and lumbago). If this does not improve, then I would probably have to take Duodart (combination of Dutasterid and Tamsulosin! :-( (
23.04.2012 6.51 23.04.12
Phone call from the urologist. PSA level has increased strongly! I wonder if I now have joined the club! The doubling times have decreased rapidly. The urologist said that a biopsy was now to consider, although I am very reluctant to it. However, at least an ultrasound check-up should be made to determine the volume of the prostate. My hope is that I might have a prostatitis.

My plan:
- Determination of the prostate volume
- Eventually an antibiotic treatment
- New PSA test in 2-3 months
01.11.2011 4.72 27.10.11
The PSA level has increased to the value of a year ago. So nothing that could worry me!
20.07.2011 4.23 29.04.11
What a great day. The English version of went online today. The first reactions are very positive!
29.04.2011 4.23 29.04.11
I'm very satisfied. PSA decreased again and the DRE of the prostate also showed nothing suspicious.
01.02.2011 4.76 17.11.10
Today is celebrating the first "birthday". From numerous e-mails from persons concerned I know that this site is very helpful for men with prostate cancer.

Both the minimum target of 50 and the maximum target of 100 reports within 12 months were exceeded by far with 157 reports currently!

On this first anniversary we introduce with the therapeutic assessments an extensive expansion.
The information on side effects of therapies and drugs will be found faster thanks to the new
online questionnaire.
17.11.2010 4.76 17.11.10
New laboratory (LogoLab):
total PSA: 4.76
free PSA: 16%

As the value determined by the old lab has decreased I can live with these values!
16.11.2010 4.19 16.11.10
Since my family doctor is going to retire after 30 years of "cooperation", I have to look for a new doctor. As the new doctor collaborates with the laboratory LogoLab instead of the hitherto existing lab Viollier I have taken two blood samples in order to compare the labs and to know the difference.

Old laboratory (Viollier):
total PSA: 4.19
free PSA: 12%
19.07.2010 4.57 14.05.10
Today I visited the urologist because the problems with urination increased slightly. The volume of the prostate has increased since the last measurement from 50 to 60 ml, which could explain the somewhat bigger problems. Residual urine: 20 ml .

If the urination problems should increase, then I should according to my urologist take in addition to Tamsulosin also Dutasteride. But for the time being we support Tamsulosin with Prostagutt-F, a vegetable-based product with saw palmetto and nettle roots.
14.05.2010 4.57 14.05.10
I am pleased with the new PSA value and therefore I can go on with watchful waiting. But I feel always stresssed before I get notified of the new result! Next test in November 2010!
01.02.2010 4.25 04.11.09
Three months ago I started with the design and implementation of a web portal for the exchange of prostate cancer experience reports. Two months ago, the programming contract was awarded and since then we were running on parallel the programming and testing of this new web portal. Since today is now officially online. My first goal will be to have a least 50 reports published by year's end. And 100 reports until 31/12/2010 would be very good. Let's see how the whole thing will develop!
21.11.2009 4.25 04.11.09
It was claimed in a forum post that the half-life of free PSA was only about 2-3 hours. My doctor takes my blood always between 8-9 a.m., but the PSA laboratory tests take only place by 7 p.m.!! When asking the laboratory, they confirmed the half-life of 2-3 hours, but only at room temperature. The doctor should store the samples in the refrigerator. But this is not so, my blood samples are centrifuged and stored at room temperature. And during the transport of at least 30-60 minutes to the lab these are also exposed to the ambient temperature!

Knowing this, one wonders whether the determination of free PSA makes any sense? I suppose that my free PSA values were too low and not significant. For years I was very worried about the low ratios of + / - 0.10!
01.11.2009 4.17 12.08.09
The PSA value has not changed much in the last three months. Since the beginning of September, I take daily two tablespoons of linseed oil (rich in omega-3), and from today two tablespoon of tomato powder dissolved in water. I also try to reduce my intake of carbs, but this is more difficult in everyday life. Up to now I did not succeed in this respect.
15.08.2009 4.17 12.08.09
I am told through the forum that I should clarify first if I do not have a prostatitis. And since I know that you should not ride bicycles for two days before a PSA test and because I came back a week before the last test from a 6000 km long coach tour to the North Cape, I ask after 3 weeks for a new PSA test, in the hope that the prostate was irritated by the long journey and the long sitting in the coach.

The PSA value is now back to 4.17. My doctor still wants to biopsy; my urologist said that I could still wait for the next PSA test in 6 months. To wait for another 6 months is too long for me and I plan to have the next PSA test after three month in November.

My strategy is the following: Although not biopsied, I behave as when I had prostate cancer with GS<7 and observe watchful waiting. This means that I will try to keep my PSA level low by nutrients and diets.

I am actually missing guidelines about how to behave
27.07.2009 5.48 24.07.09
As some professional articles suggest that pomegranate might increase the PSA doubling time I take since the beginning of July 4 capsules of GranaProstan

Then on the 24.7.09 the shock! The PSA is rising again rapidly. The PSA doubling time is drops to 1 year. Since I have read in the meantime the book by Dr. Stephen B. Strum "A Guide to Prostate Cancer" (highly recommended), the alarm bells were ringing. And since the free PSA is in the red for years, I am assuming that I have now prostate cancer. I get myself informed about the various treatment options. First HIFU is in the foreground, then DaVinci, then 3-HB and last LDR Brachy!!!
03.04.2009 4.46 03.04.09
Because my PSA-value raised within 5 months from 3.65 to 4.46 and because my father died at the age of 74 on prostate cancer, I started to get worried. My doctor urges me to have a biopsy made. But the saying of my father that "cancer + blood = metastases" is still echoing in my head. Thanks to the Prostate Cancer Forum I quickly get informed about diagnosis and possible treatments. .

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