These users have updated their data, therapies, drugs, PSA values and stories concerning their prostate cancer:

08.10.2020 t SteveT My Story
17.09.2020 j Andreas 47 PSA values My Story
20.08.2020 d Marbuse-1951 PSA values
11.08.2020 usa Roger Carnell PSA values
06.08.2020 gb Claus Lohmar Other values
05.08.2020 gb Claus Lohmar PSA values My Story
09.07.2020 j Andreas 47 PSA values My Story
22.06.2020 usa Rick Durbin My Basic Data
09.06.2020 pl richard PSA values
01.06.2020 d Marbuse-1951 PSA values My Story
25.05.2020 cdn KarlEmagne My Story
13.05.2020 cdn KarlEmagne PSA values
09.04.2020 j Andreas 47 Treatments My Story
31.03.2020 usa JPW1944 PSA values
02.03.2020 cdn JohnA(eh?) PSA values My Story
27.02.2020 ch Pierrot.en PSA values My Story
20.02.2020 aus michaelshn PSA values
24.01.2020 gb Claus Lohmar My Basic Data
14.01.2020 d Marbuse-1951 PSA values
gb Claus Lohmar PSA values Other values

What the website offers you:

  • Exchange of personal reports among patients with prostate cancer.
  • Standardized presentation of important data of the course of prostate cancer disease such as PSA levels, PSA doubling times, selected therapies, side effects of treatments and drugs etc.
  • Simple recording of your own medical history including graphical presentation of PSA-evolution and other values.
  • Fast search and selection options of medical reports by means of PSA values, Gleason scores, forms of therapy etc.
  • Listing of the side effects of treatments, therapies and drugs

What the website does not want to be:

  • This website does not want to be a forum. Reports are not commented. Various forums do already exist (see links).
  • This website will not give recommendations of any kind for therapies and drugs to prevent or fight prostate cancer.
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